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How gram printed color: listen to the captain's 20 years does not pass the secret


How gram printed color: listen to the captain's 20 years does not pass the secret

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1, even when printing black black k100 also printed incomplete, because the press blanket - Causes the device, which is a common problem. So if it is monochrome (spot color) printing, can print twice, but if there is a shallow black net, then we should on the basis of the original 50-70%, such as shallow network is k60, so if printed twice we should tune into about k35, the best standard for print proofing master adjustment.
2, four-color printing in black, in the design must be added c30, but simply add a color from the side will be pan-blue light, for the food industry, then there is something wrong. Our experience: c60m60y40k100, this is a very heavy black especially after lamination.
3, some might say, I want to print a black c100m100y100k100 simply is not more black it? No! ! ! That simply can not print. Because the paper most of the ink absorption ability is 300, meaning that four cmyk values ​​and not exceed 300! ! I am referring to a large area.
4, in large areas of black print when the proposed use of high-quality paper, the printing paper is good because when not so many ashes, it will be very easy to dirty version, if the printing of them a little effect, and that there will be a lot of dirty printed points.
5, in the pre-press design is also very important, in the printing area when the big black If you use anti-white, do not use too small fonts, easy to paste version.
6, in black ink, you can add the appropriate burst of light blue. Thus printed colors will brighter.
To distinguish between different situations, depending on the sample, paper, models to reasonable operation. Multicolor machine includes four color printing mate of the full version of the real end, to arrange two general printing, with the last two units. Moreover, we have a reasonable arrangements according to the paper printing situation.